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Hello there tumblr. Missed me?
Jun 5, 2014

Hello there tumblr. Missed me?

Kisses? I don’t know what i was doing, but it works. Lol.
Apr 18, 2014

Kisses? I don’t know what i was doing, but it works. Lol.

Apr 15, 2014 / 1 note
Hair lust!! I had such a good hair day!
Apr 2, 2014

Hair lust!! I had such a good hair day!

Letting go is a blessing!!
Apr 2, 2014 / 1 note

Letting go is a blessing!!

Mar 25, 2014

The Stress of My Life!

So lately I’ve been super busy, with the new job and school. I have scheduled in a great time to blog and every day that flies by is another day I just cannot succeed at blogging! It’s the most frustrating thing, but I’ve been super busy and feel awful that I have been unable to post new material for all my lovely followers to see. I just started an 8 week fast track class so that will be eating most of my time, on top of my hectic work schedule (that changes by the minute), and my schooling life. AAAAhhhhhh! I feel the stress coming on!

I have to get back to studying for another exam.

Love you all,


This weekend I will do my best and post pics from my fabulous birthday weekend! Keep posted! 

Feb 15, 2014

This weekend I will do my best and post pics from my fabulous birthday weekend! Keep posted!


Early Valentines treat! Baked, decorated, and packaged them myself. Spreading the love one cupcake at a time.
Feb 13, 2014

Early Valentines treat! Baked, decorated, and packaged them myself. Spreading the love one cupcake at a time.

Feb 11, 2014

Adios: My Top Five To Say Goodbye to Winter!

No one is more excited than this gal that “winter” is nearing it’s end in 2014. Although I am in sunny California, I cannot complain seeing that my counterparts on the east coast are freezing their buns off due to wretched winter storms. Nonetheless, I bid my farewell to winter, but not before counting down my top 5 Winter favorites of the season.

Since there are only a few weeks left of the season,  now is the best time, and your last chance,   to rock the last of winters fashion favorite trends. Make the best of our goodbyes with the cold weather by rocking the following winter trends that can be subtly transitioned into Spring fashion.

The Knitted Sweater: This sexy number will not only keep you warm, but was a hot winter essential. Pair the look with warm tights, long-over the knee boots, add a hat, preferably a fedora or beanie and you have a fast, on the go look. Be fashion savvy, if you haven’t had the opportunity to rock a knitted sweater, shop the sales going on now as department stores are getting ready to clear the racks for all of our Spring must haves.

Skinny Jeans: The classic pant has no end in sight. The skin tight pant has evolved and transcended through the past several years adding edge to it’s skinny legs and a rockers edge to all of us glam rocker gals. Wear the pant with a loose fitted top or knitted sweater, glam it up by wearing heals to add length to your leg. For the all start treatment, wear a a black skinny, button up blouse, with a fitted jacket/blazer, rock the high bun and a red lip and prepare to make them heads turn.

Pretty in Cashmere: The sweater of all sweaters, the cashmere sweater is a timeless piece that every girl should own. Pricey, yes of course, but as I mentioned, it is a staple that every girl should really own. It’s the cream of the crop of sweaters. This chic sweater adds an elegant preppy touch to any outfit. Don’t know when to dust out your pristine cashmere sweater, any time really, but if you would like to look extra sleek and presentable, rock the sweater at any gathering you know “important” people will sure to be at (for example, a place you must dress to impress), and preferably at an interview (weather permitting).

Tuxedo Blazer: Now my favorite trend that has come out since the high heel itself has to the tuxedo blazer. To me, it’s just the item to make an outfit stand out.  I own several blazers, I think they’re just magnificent. If you don’t own a blazer, my suggestion is that you at least own one in your lifetime. It’s another timeless look that will add an extra element of elegance to an outfit, depending on the event/work/happy hour you’re going to. Pair a tuxedo jacket with slim fit pants and a button down blouse. The look is supposed to be sleek and clean. For other alternatives, if you’re not into the white tuxedo blazer, find a print that will go best with your wardrobe. Tuxedo jackets can be found for any budget, the above animal print blazer can be found at Target for $12.00, on sale. Again, it’s that time of year where all stores nationwide are clearing their racks to gear up for Spring.

 Knee High: Add an element that is bound to turn heads and add a naughty vibe to any short black skirt in one of Winters trendiest trends, and mind you a good way  to bid a farewell to the cold weather season, and wear a knee high boot. This sinful look is bound to make it’s comeback in Fall/Winter 2014, and since there are still five weeks to rock this ultra sinful sexy look, why not end Winter with a bang! Pair this boot with an short long sleeved dress and faux fur vest. Let the kitty cats come out and play.

Although it is coming to that time of year where we wrap up our affair with the winter season, remember to wear some of the above fashion trends to help you make the slow transition into the season ahead. Let’s enjoy the best of winter for the next few weeks as we prepare to hit the pavement with our best and brights of Spring!


**If you like something you see here, make sure to go to to shop the trends and to get ready for Spring 2014.**

Love this beaded crop top. So chic and classy!
Jan 28, 2014

Love this beaded crop top. So chic and classy!

Jan 28, 2014

Grammy’s Rewind: Best and the Not So Flattering…

Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams caused such a social media craze with this Vivienne Westwood hat that he was compared to Smokey the Bear and the Arby’s franchise’s logo. Although the comparisons were a bit on the funny side and his hat now has it’s very own twitter account, the man can rock a hat-even though at first I wasn’t too drawn to it, in fact, I disliked it a lot.

Although, his hat is almost getting the same, if not more attention than Queen Bey’s performance, he still ended up on my “Not so Flattering List.”

Let’s rewind, and let me share with you all my top five Best Dressed of the Grammy’s.

Starting off my best dressed list is Miss Taylor Swift. The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer looked elegant and flawless in this Gucci chain-mail gown.

Beyoncé made head turns in this Michael Castello (Project Runway star) number. Her dress was just as steamy as her performance.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  looked handsome in their suits. Look at them, so handsome. Macklemore’s teal suit and Giuseppe Zanotti gold studded slippers were stunning! I love his look, literally head to toe. 

Ryan Lewis rocked a Mr. Turk jacket and pant. Simply stated: he nailed it!! Both looks were pure perfection!

John Legends wife, Christine Teigen, made us melt with her Johanna Johnson gold sequined gown. **Fashion note:remember, metallics rule this spring! You don’t need a special event to rock it!**


Rounding off my top five is the lovely “Firework” songstress, Katy Perry.  The lovely Miss Perry wore this amazing musical noted Valentino dress. She looked flawless in every way, and although some people were not “impressed” or “loved” the dress. I love it. What better way to honor the Grammy’s- a show that honors artists- by showing up in a beautiful gown covered in music notes? Amazing! Love it, love the concept. 

Back to the Not So Flattering

I already mentioned Mr. Williams and his Vivienne Westwood hat, but although he wound up on my  list for worst dressed, nothing compared to Kacey Musgraves red carpet look or lampshade inspired performance ensemble. She ended up on my list twice! Twice! 


Grammy Award winner Kacey Musgraves wearing an Armani Prive dress. Although her hair and makeup were done perfectly. Her dress….was not so perfect. I didn’t like it at all, too many ruffles for me.

The country songstress stole the show, not for her performance (although it was a great perfromance-her voice is amazing), but rather for her lampshade fuchsia colored, gold tasseled skirt. Her blue lite boots were the icing on the cake, although they were pretty cool, her ensemble was just wrong.

I must mention, that regardless of what she wore on that stage, it didn’t prevent her from winning two Grammy’s. Her talent is  just amazing. I wish I could dress her (style her people).

Paula Patton, wife of Robin Thicke, wore this zebra inspired dress, complete with actual animal hair (on the black stripes). This Nicolas Jebran Couture dress disappointed many and thanks to his design, landed Paula on the top of the worst dressed list. I say, nothing compares to the ugly frock worn by Kacey Musgraves on the stage, but it is still not a great look and that is why she’s on my list. It was a total miss in my opinion.

Finally, and it hurts for me to share, is Anna Kendrick’s Azzaro gownThe dress for me was just a complete disaster. The cleavage was almost a bit too much. Her hair and makeup were done so elegantly, and she looked gorgeous, I just was confused as to why she chose to wear this gown. It didn’t fit with her glamorized hair.

I love Anna Kendrick, she’s beautiful. I just think she could have worn a dress similar to Taylor Swifts. She would have landed on the best dress for sure. One thing, even though the dress, for me, was a miss, she didn’t fail to get the attention of others with her out there cleavage.

When all is said and done, the Grammy’s were a success and from the looks of it (from my TV) everyone was having a blast. As for fashion, there were some misses, but ultimately I enjoyed the show and checking out fashion!


Jan 28, 2014 / 2 notes

Drunk Off the Grammys!

As an avid follower of all things Beyoncé, and for that matter music itself, I tuned in along with millions to watch the 56th Annual Grammy’s last night. There were a lot of great performances last night ranging from Mrs. Carter herself (show opener), Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, and Mr. Stevie Wonder, to the remaining Beatles idols Sir Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr, Lorde (not my favorite), and Taylor Swift.

There had been rumors that Mr. Carter would join Bey on the stage and to see is to believe, so of course I had to tune in and watch Beyoncé, mostly because I think she is dynamic and one of the best singers ever!! As you can tell, Mr. Carter did make an appearance during her sexy performance.

Of course, the morning after one of the best performances at the Grammy’s, a lot of people are chiming in and are of the opinion that her performance was too racy for the show, or at least as the opening act due to the fact that there were preteens watching. Other people tweeted out, something to the effect that Queen Bey can twerk on TV, but shame on Miley. Insinuating the hypocrisy in our nation.


Although the performance was a bit sexual, the fact of the matter is that Miley is NOT Beyoncé. I like Miley’s latest album, she’s talented and has had a great year-a controversial year-but her album was well received by many (myself included). The difference is that Beyoncé has made her mark in the music industry and is a force to be reckoned with. She’s transformed from the young Houston girl to one of today’s most beloved and sexiest females in the world. Her fans grew up with her and have been with her since her Destiny’s Child days and are now in their late 20’s early 30’s.

Needless to say, she’s appealing to her adult fan base, the ones that are all grown up and are sexy themselves and can related to the singer (in terms of being an adult, having kids, etc). Yes, Beyoncé still appeals to the under 22 age group, she can still sell out arenas, and can drop albums without so much of a word and outsell artists like Miley Cyrus, but for people in their 20’s, we are not offended.

She is not a once Disney star that has a fan base of all 12-18 year olds, like Miley Cyrus. Granted, some of Bey’s fans are young (my neice, about to be 9), but like my mother always told me and my sister tells my niece, you can listen to your “idols” music, but you may not dress, dance, or act like them (in reference to my Britney Spears mini skirt days). I think that the comparison between the two singers is a little out of left field, and I honestly don’t want to see Miley twerking. She kind of looks like a little girl, and a tad bit on the ridiculous side-AND Queen Bey DID NOT twerk, she did a booty grind. Lol.

I, for one, did not clutch onto my pearls, I wanted to be just as sexy as Bey. Beyoncé, as strange as this may sound, empowers women to accept their sexuality, embrace it, and not to be self conscious of their voluptuous curves. It’s okay to grind, and feel, and enjoy the moment.

The naysayers can go on and on about how provocative her performance was; it had the crowd standing and cheering, and it had most of us fans pumped with excitement because she was opening the show-which is quite an honor. The Grammy’s are about music’s best, and the performances are supposed to be taken to another level.

Personally, I think if you’re not watching Beyoncé, you don’t know music (lol, I’m being dramatic).

Click above to watch Mrs. & Mr. Carter perform “Drunk in Love.” Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments below, or on my Google + page, Facebook Page, or Twitter.



If you’re missing I will runaway because I find myself in you
Listening to songs I did when I was younger.
Jan 23, 2014
Bringing in the new year with my handsome man! 

Jan 2, 2014

Bringing in the new year with my handsome man!